Top 50 ITI Courses in India

ITI Courses in India: Are you one of those who have no idea what you will do with these very typical and expensive qualifications after your matriculation? Do you see yourself working at a not so big and not so small, well to be precise, at an average level of operations at any organization? What if I told you that there is a very reasonable course for you after which you can directly start earning and operating at the industrial level without having the highest of the qualifications, and even after eighth grade?

Well, that’s true, if you uncover no value in pursuing higher or degree level education and your only aim is to get employment without investing much money and time then this sphere of courses are the best for you! The latter part of the article talks about the various distinct courses of ITI which can enable you to get employment quite promptly.

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What are ITI courses?

Providing employment to a greater section of our society, the ITI courses have enabled a lot of individuals to get the job of their preference. ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute and they are set up across the country by the Indian government with the aim of providing adequate training and enabling individuals in gaining skills for various trades.

The ITI courses involve the delivery of proper training and development to the people who wish to get employment at the industry level. The course or training is usually classified into two categories based on the technicality of the job at the industrial level and i.e.

  • Engineering training (electronic mechanics, computer mechanics, Technicians,  laboratory mechanics, etc.)
  • Non-Engineering training (counseling, management, embroidery, paintings, cosmetology, etc.)

It is essential for us to look at the positives and negatives of undertaking the ITI courses wherein the answers to the questions of “why you should” and “why shouldn’t you” take up these courses stand.


  • Very low fees
  • Technical skill development
  • Exposure to fieldwork
  • Short duration courses
  • Prompt employment at industries


  • Not equivalent to degree courses
  • Doesn’t provide great qualification
  • May not enable one to work at higher levels of companies

The cons are definitely less than the pros as much in relation to taking up ITI courses and hence if one really wishes to get early job settlement for any reason then one can certainly look forward to acquiring certification in such courses.

What is the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria explain what are the prerequisites for getting admissions in the Industrial Training Institutes. Although there are no specifications on higher educations one must still hold a passing certificate of at least eighth grade to become eligible for applying. The following needs to be considered

  • Minimum age 14
  • Maximum age 40
  • A minimum qualification of education till the8th standard from a recognized board is a must. Although for technical training it is suggested that one completes10th standard as well.
  • Minimum aggregate score 50%

The clearance of the above criteria enables an individual to become eligible for getting admissions in the institutes for the non-engineering training courses. As much as engineering training courses are concerned the individuals need to clear an entrance exam which is conducted at the institution’s level. The eligibility criteria for each institution may vary, hence it is suggested that one must consider all the factors before applying to any institute and check the prerequisites online.

What is the selection procedure in ITI?

In most cases, the candidates are selected directly after meeting the fundamental requirements. However, in some particular circumstances, the aspirants may need to go through the entrance exams based on which the selection is done. The merit list is also considered to be the direct ticket to admissions and hence the recent qualification plays a greater role in discerning whether admissions in the desired institute can be carried out without any complexity or not.


Here comes the extensively great advantage of procuring ITI courses and that is the incredibly low cost involved in acquiring the desired skill. The fee in the government institute is almost equivalent to a penny as other than the registration expense there is no other cost involved. The registration fee usually amounts up to Rs.250/form although there can be chances of alterations in the amounts as the years go on. In a private training institute, the cost may reach up to Rs.30,000 for the entire course duration.

The aspirants willing to enroll themselves in any of such specialized courses can look for the online forms available in the month of July every year. These forms can be found on the official website of the industrial training institutes in one’s state.

Top 50 ITI courses to opt from

The ITI courses are offered to students for varied durations and one can certainly choose the apt option amongst all. The courses vary between 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years for several courses. At the end of the session, the aspirant has to appear in the All India Trade Test (AITT) which is governed by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT). The authority constituting these training centers in the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

The successful completion of these training programs facilitates the candidate with the National Trade Certificate after which one can seek employment in the various government or private sector based on one’s preference. The top 50training programs, commonly known as ITI courses are enumerated and discussed below based on their disposition i.e. engineering and non-engineering.


1. Mechanical Instrument Engineering:

This course can be opted for after the completion of class 10. It usually takes 2 years to complete this course and it lays emphasis on dealing with the various instruments and their designs. It can be measuring and controlling the process variables such as flow, temperature, level, pressure, quality, and quantity, etc.

2. Machinist Engineering:

It is a trendy specialized course and usually takes up to 2 years to complete. This job is relevant and more technical than the other courses when it comes to repairing and fixing. The job profile includes cutting and shaping precision facets and tools. It may also involve the process of creating, installing, maintaining, and repairing metal products.

3. Information Technology and E.S.M. Engineering:

The information technology course prevails as the most well-developed courses of all till date and can be completed within 2 years. It deals with the basics of IT services and products. It is basically about the storage management of various enterprises and handling tools, processes, and techniques used in managing the products in the warehouses.

4. Turner Engineering:

Turner engineering courses take up to 2 years to be finished off and provides specialized skills in woodturning and other related spheres. They are also responsible for manufacturing metal parts used in machinery and equipment to perform the most efficient orders of assembling.

5. Motor Driving Engineering:

This course deals with the understanding of minor details of motors used for various purposes. It just takes one year of training to become a fully groomed motor driving engineer. The management of the frequency inverter of the motors and machines is managed by the motor driving engineer.

6. Diesel Mechanic Engineering:

Diesel mechanic engineering is the course that provides specialization in dealing with diesel-powered engines or relevant devices. To complete this course one may need to invest only a year. The diesel mechanic or technician is responsible for the sustenance and up keeping of the machines, vehicles, or equipment powered by diesel like the construction vehicles, buses, agricultural equipment, etc.

7. Tool & Die Maker Engineering:

Tool and the die-making course is designed to deliver specialized skills to individuals in die-making and tool dyeing. It can be completed within two to three years. They work on factory floors and ensures the precision in tools and carry out the processes of bending, drawing, squeezing the tools, and so on and so forth.

8. Draughtsman Engineering:

This engineering course can be completed in two years and is well known for equipping individuals with a specialization in technical management. The draftsmen’s work is to make detailed technical plans or drawings with the help of various computer software. They work closely with architects and engineers.

9. Mechanic T.V and Radio Engineering:

Very much evident from the name itself, T.V. and Radio engineering course enables the individual to trade and manage the mechanics and parts of the two of them with great ease and advancement. It is usually completed in two years.

10. Sheet Metal Worker Engineering:

Sheets and metals are crucial when it comes to industrial work and this course provides specialization in handling just that. Moreover, this course can be completed in just one year after which one can easily start to earn and start his/her practice real soon.

11. Foundry Man Engineering:

The foundryman course can be taken up right after the eighth standard as it doesn’t require qualification and is meant for individuals willing to work due to a lack of other skills. The foundryman trainees can even avail the of self-employment, contractual employment, and other industrial jobs.

12. Mechanic Vehicles Engineering:

Vehicles and their maintenance is the responsibility of the vehicle mechanic. Hence, this course will provide specifications in the mentioned and can be completed in two years. It involves electrical, mechanical, and bits of tasks with electronic software.

13. Refrigeration Engineering:

As the name suggests, this course provides specialization in dealing with and handling the parts and accessories of the refrigerators and the cooling machines in the industries and other processing units. It can be finished off in two years.

14. Fitter Engineering:

Fitter engineering can be done and accomplished in two years. It deals with minor tasks and does not involve a lot of skills yet it can take up to two years for one to become proficient. This is a relevant course when it comes to aircraft maintenance, laboratory equipment as well as other utility services.

15. Network Technician:

The network technician course furnishes the individual with skills in managing the network traffics be and helps one learn the technicality of the mentioned. This course takes almost and only 6 months to complete.

16. Heat Engine Automobile:

Engines in an automobile is a prominent part and dealing with them is learned better in this course. It can be completed in one year. The machines need to be cooled down and also a minimum temperature has to be maintained. This is the same for the automobiles as well and hence this is the task of the heat engineers.

17. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant:

Programming and basic computer operating have become an essential part of any technical job. Hence, one can look up for this course which can be completed in 1 year. Computer programming has become very prominent these days and hence it can be really benefitting for one to have a qualification in this course in the near future.

18. Electroplater:

This course is meant for individuals who want to specialize in dealing with the coating of gold, silver, and different metals. It takes up to 2 years to specialize in this course. Electroplating is the process that pertains to applying a metal coating on another conductive surface with the help of electric power and machines. 

19. Advanced electronics:

Advanced electronics course can be completed within two years and it deals with the basics of electronics and enables one to deal with the various electronic tools and machines. It deals with the various disciples of electronics like electronic communication, semiconductors, transistors, and diodes, etc. and the person concerned learns the usage and maintenance of the same.

20. Meteorology Engineering and Inspection:

This is more technical and specialized hence, it requires three years to be completed with expertise. This can enable one to earn a quite sufficient amount hence one should definitely lookup for this course. This deals with the scanning of the lower atmosphere and with the help of certain gadgets, determining the weather forecast with the use of scientific principles as well as observation techniques.

21. Chemical Plant Mechanics:

The tasks of the chemical plants are complex and involve a lot of mechanics and this course helps with knowing just that. The course can take almost two years to complete. Chemical engineers are supposed to fabricate, create and run the process plants and hence the aspirant must show up with a science background.

22. Machine Tool Maintenance:

Machine tool maintenance is a course providing training in up keeping and handling of machine tools. The course takes up to two years to be completed. It applies the engineering concept to take up the process of maintenance by considering the optimization, availability, and sustainability of the tools used.

23. Computer Hardware Mechanics:

Computer hardware mechanics is all about managing and equipping the tools required for the hardware devices. It is completed within two years. It is the operational function that involves designing, developing, testing, and producing various computer components.

24. Pattern Maker Engineering:

Pattern making is a complex art form and this course providespecialization in it. The course duration is about two years. It requires the skills of both anengineer as well as a design maker to be able to perform the tasks of pattern making with ease and perfection.

25. Architectural Draughtsmanship:

Architectural draughtsmanship is the course that is completed after three years. In this people are trained to become specialized construction designers and taught the architectural concepts of the rod, steel, or any other reinforced concrete used in the construction of any buildings or any other structure projects.

26. Surveyor Engineering:

Surveyor course is a one-year course and it can provide specialization in various industrial training techniques. The individuals in this field are trained to analyze and observe the geographical data and collect information about the land available and used. They design and operate on the equipment and use them for the same.

27. Pump Operator:

Pump operations are not that prominent, yet this is a well-known course due to its practical requirements. This course can be completed in two years. This is all about the usual pump operations however the scope of this is broad in the industrial aspect.

28. Carpenter Engineering:

Carpentering, as we know it is very much prevalent these days and a course in this can be really benefitting to one. The course duration is for about two years.

29. Wireman Engineering:

Wiring is taught in the course of wireman engineering course and it is completed within a year.

30. Welder (Gas and Electric) Engineering:

Welding can be learned in the welder course which is specialized in providing train g for managing the gas and electric connections. It is for six months to a year based on the complexity.


31. Dress Making:

This is not a technical job and requires only a year of training to gain proficiency in the art of dressmaking.

32. Secretarial Practice:

The training for becoming a competent secretary along with the management process is rendered in this course.

33. Hair and Skincare:

Cosmetology is considered to be the fastest-growing domain. Hair and skincare parlors have come to be the most significant sector in earning and this course can be completed within one year.

34. Manufacturing Foot Wear:

Footwear productions, disposals, marketing, and so on can be learned in this course and it ranges around one year.

35. Letter Press Machine Minder:

The press media productions and printing procedures can be comprehended in this course and it runs for a year.

36. Commercial Arts:

Commercial arts such as sales, marketing, financing, and other topics are covered in this course which can be completed within a year.

37. Hand Compositor:

This course can be completed within a year.

38. Weaving Fancy Fabric:

Weaving the fancy fabrics is popular these days and this course can be accomplished within a year.

39. Cutting and Sewing:

Cutting and sewing is a popular course amongst the female population of the nation and this can be completed within a year.

40. Book Binding:

Bookbinding course can be completed within one year.

41. Embroidery and Needle Working:

In the embroidering and needle working industries the individuals specialized in this course are considered apt and it takes up to one year.

42. Leather Goods Making:

Leather goods making is a course which can be completed in a time span of one year.

43. Food and Vegetables Processing:

This course can be completed within a year and is in relation to the processing of vegetables and fruits.

44. Interior Decoration and Designing:

Interior decorations and designing can be completed within a year.

45. Desk Top Publishing Operating:

The desk management activities can be learned in this course and it is for about a year.

46. Baking and Confectioning:

The course for learning baking skills and other relevant activities is for about a year.

47. Stenography:

Stenography is a special language required to qualify for certain government jobs and this course can be completed within a year.

48. Teaching Principles:

Teaching principles can be comprehended by taking up this course which is of about one year.

49. Institute Management:

Institute management courses are beneficial for those who seek employment in the office department of the institutes and can be completed within a year.

50. Data Entry Operating:

Data entry is done at almost all organizations or industries and this course can help one understand the exact procedure followed to do so. It can be completed in

All the courses mentioned above are the top 50 ITI courses which are opted by a lot of individuals each year and they have enabled many individuals in getting their income status on track at a very low educational cost. Although they may not appear in the same ranking every year, they remain in the top list almost all the time.

Future scope in ITI

These courses offer specialization in a great variety of operations at the industrial level. The essence of industries can not be neglected in this era of civilization. The ready-made products which are easy to use and processed at factories have become an inseparable component of our day-to-day life. This assures the existence of employment opportunities for individuals at the industrial level. Although many individuals aim to become and operate at the company’s top management level, the importance and role of the operational level is much more massive and holds great significance for efficient processes and performances.

The ITI courses have come to be the best way to get the best out of the various opportunities available for the average level students, women, men, seeking employment at the earliest and it shall continue to do so in the coming years as much as the stats are concerned.

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