Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs of 2022 in India

Do you wish to justify all those sleepless nights of hard work? The only way is to get yourself a high-paying job. The reward of all those years of struggle and hard work can be sweet only if you land a high-paying job in India.

If you are living in India and looking for a job; then salary is as important as other factors. People in India tend to choose career opportunities keeping in focus the paying prospects. Many argue that an individual’s interests and good job portfolio should be given more priority over overpay. But let’s be honest, a high-paying job gives an unparalleled inner soul satisfaction. And that is why the first thing we look for in a job description is the payment section.

This latest 2022 list of highest-paying jobs will take you through a detailed analysis of jobs offering the highest salaries as well as experience. It does not matter at which scale on the work level you stand at. These highest-paying career options will help you decide.

Before you take a step towards your future, it is highly recommended to get to know these attractive career prospects. It is not only the salary that makes a job attractive but career growth, reputation, and job security also play an important role.

1. Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is one of those highest paying jobs in India where an individual’s salary goes as high as Rs.80,000 per month. It is a very demanding profession. In addition to its salary benefits, you earn experience for a lifetime. One gets to travel to foreign places and amazing locations.

Before deciding on this career option you must be sure of your physical and health factors. One of my cousins serves in the Merchant Navy. So my recommendation would be to give it a shot if you are looking for a high salary. But one should be mentally prepared to stay on board the ship for at least 6 to 9 months at one go.

Salary Range: Rs. 12,000 – 80,000 per month

Qualification Required: The educational qualification is a 12th pass with Maths, Chemistry and Physics as subjects. Then get into a Merchant Navy Training course to earn a qualifying degree.

2. Medical Profession

India is a country with great scope for medical professions. The reason that medical career comes under the highest paying jobs in India is its population. A country with a population of 130 crores has a relatively low ratio of hospitals and doctors. The huge difference in the supply and demand for medical services in India makes it a demanding profession in the country.

Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Ayurvedic Doctors, BHMS Doctors, Physiotherapists, psychiatrists, Nurses, and Ward boys come under medical professions.

 Once you get a PG degree after MBBS from a reputed college, your path to promising reward is set. One can work in private or Govt Hospitals or can open up their private clinic. Depending on the experience and skills of the Doctor, those owing a private clinic can earn as high as Rs. 20 lakhs per month. Whereas those working at private/Govt hospitals earn between Rs.50,000 – Rs. 80,000. 

It is very important to carefully choose your specifications. Experts of MDS, MDS Pediatrics, MDS Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Surgeons, Heart Specialists, and Gynecologists land high-paying jobs.

Moreover, you do a good job of healing people. Take a profession of saving lives.

Salary Range: Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 20 Lakhs per month

Qualifications Required:  MBBS Degree, PG Degree, MD course of the specialisation

3. Indian Civil Services

Indian Civil Services is the most prestigious job in India. It does not only have a reputation of its own but also pays you good. Aspirants are drawn towards Civil services because of the outlook and respect it earns from the Indian society. A Civil servant not only has a high salary but a high value too.

One gets various facilities like police security, an official car with driver, luxurious accommodations, cook, gardener and many more to list. A Civil Servant has immense power and administration control over an area in his hands. He is responsible for developing welfare policies, implementing government policies, keeping in check the administrative activities and maintains law and order in the area. 

The job profile is as attractive as hard to get. Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for Civil services. And only a handful of intelligent and hard-working individuals get selected. The exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year.

Salary Range: Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 per month ( + allowances)

Qualifications Required:  The minimum education qualification is a Graduation degree in any course and then you need to qualify the Civil services examination.

  4. Engineers

A B.Tech degree has become like a must-have in today’s technology ridden world. It is no doubt that it is one of the highest paying jobs in India. The salary depends on the branch one chooses and the institute. If you hold a B.Tech degree from reputed Colleges like IIT, NITs, BITS Pilani and other prominent ones then you will surely bag the highest package.

Also, the Branches like – Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering are demanding ones.

Even new branches like Genetic Engines & Biotechnology have proved to hold the immense scope in foreign countries.

With experienced skills and a degree from a prominent College will set your future bright.

Salary Range: Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 per month

Qualifications Required: A degree from IIT or a well-known technical institute from the country makes you the most eligible candidate.   

 5. Chartered Accountant

The career of a Chartered Accountant has great scope. Although it initially starts slow, but once you are established, it pays you greatly. The role of a Chartered Accountant is to keep track of the financial affairs of corporate and Business. The minimum educational qualification required for a CA course is a class 12th pass certificate.

Although it is best suited for Commerce students but arts and Science stream students can also venture into this.

Experienced and skilled CAs have both value and high demand in the market.

Salary Range: Rs.7,00,000 – Rs. 70,00,000 per annum

Qualifications Required: Graduate/ Postgraduate with a minimum of 60% marks in the Commerce stream can apply for the course. The next step is to clear the three-level examinations to be a certified Chartered Accountant.

6. Management Professionals

Management Professionals

It is well known that people in the Business and Management sector earn well enough. If you hold a Management degree from a prominent college you can earn a good as 15 lakhs per annum package. The pay increases immensely with experience and tie devoted to the sector.

That is why Management Professionals bags a place in the list of the top 15 highest paying jobs in India.

The Management courses are – MBA and BBA. There are branches like HR Management, Media Management, Hotel Management, International Management, Hospital, and Healthcare Management.

Management career option is lucrative and rewarding.

Salary Range: Rs. 45,000 – Rs.2,50,000 per month

Qualifications Required: The minimum qualification is graduation in BBA course and then Post Graduate in MBA. Specific skills and business industry experience is also required.

7. Lecturers

Teachers are considered to play an important role in a person’s life. They are our philosophers and guides. In Indian society, teachers are given the utmost respect. 

The problem is that school teachers are underpaid whereas the lecturers and professors in colleges are paid well. The demand for experienced lecturers is always present in the education sector. 

When it comes to the job of teacher experience, knowledge and talent play a determining factor. 

Education sector nowadays is booming with Private Colleges, institutions, coaching centres. So the demand and pay have also relatively increased. 

To become a lecturer you need a Bachelor’s degree, Masters’ Degree and a B.Ed Degree. In addition to these, a P.hd Degree in your field is an added benefit. Moreover many colleges do demand to be NET qualified these days.

Salary Range: Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per month

Qualifications Required: The best way is to get a UG Bachelor’s degree followed by a PG degree, B.Ed and a P.Hd in your area of expertise. To add stars to your job profile one can go for National Eligibility Test too.

8. Architect

The job of an Architect is both about passion and high salary. It is one of the best jobs for someone who has an interest in planning and designing. The profession of an Architect requires one to be well versed and updated with the latest trends in the designing industry.

There is not much competition in this profession line but an excellent skill and extraordinary talent are required. If you are creative enough then do give this high paying job a shot.

Salary Range: Average salary is Rs.5,00,000 per month

Qualifications Required: One needs to hold a 12th class certificate with a minimum of 50% marks. The next step is to go through the NATA exam or other Architecture exams.

9. Lawyer

The profession of a Lawyer is one of the highest paying in India. A lawyer is one such profession that remains unaffected and untouched by the recession, economic crisis, or stock markets. Be it any situation, you will still need a lawyer to save you from the legal complications.

Lawyers are classified under family, corporate, business, labour, criminal, bankruptcy, real estate, property, civil litigation, and entertainment lawyer.

All you need is a BA LLB degree after graduation and you are good to go.

Getting established in the legal sector takes time but once you earn recognition, you are set to receive high pay in India.

Salary Range: Rs. 13,00,000 minimum with the best law firms in India

Qualifications Required: Course inBA LLB for 3 Years after graduation. If you want to specialize in a particular stream of Law then you can do MA LLB.    

 10. Aviation Services

Aviation services are recognized as the highest-paying jobs in India. The jobs under the Aviation sector are Pilots, Air hostesses, Cabin Crew, Ground Staff, and Support. 

Be it, Pilots, Air hostesses, or Cabin crew all are handsomely paid. Although Aviation sector professionals have extraordinary job responsibilities but the experience and salary they receive are worth it. 

In addition to an attractive salary, Airline professionals get the chance to travel to foreign locations and meet people coming from different cultures. 

There are Diploma, Degree and Certificate courses in the Aviation sector. 

Professionals on average receive a really good salary of 3 – 8 lacs per month.

Have a dream to fly high?

Then get going.

Salary Range: Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 8,00,000 per month

Qualifications Required: There is a list of educational and personality requirements that one has to fulfil. You need to have a minimum 12th pass certificate to attend the Diploma or Degree courses. 

11. Indian Defense Services

This is not a job but a service to the nation (Indian Defense Services)

Although you are rewarded well in terms of salary but one pledges to serve and protect the country with his life. 

Commissioned Officers’ ranked posts in the Armed Forces also have a good pay scale. Promotions are received on a well-structured basis. The Commissioned ranks are Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel, Major General, Lt. Major General, and higher-ranked officers’.

The respect earned by the Officers of the Indian Armed forces is incomparable. 

All the Officers of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy are given much respect. 

The job requires dignity, discipline and decorum to be always maintained. Those serving in Armed forces must always keep the country first. It is a very high demanding service on your part. 

Moreover, one is entitled to several perks and facilities during job tenure. 

Give your service to the nation.

Salary Range: Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 1,50,000 per month

Qualifications Required: There are several ways to get into Indian Armed forces like NDA, SSC CDS and Technical entry. The most common process is to appear for NDA examination after class 12th. Also, you can qualify in the SSC CDS examination after completion of graduation. 

 12. Scientists

In today’s fast-advancing world we see a rising demand for research and development. Here comes the role of scientists. In India, the craze for a scientific research sector is very low. Therefore there not much competition here so knowledgeable experienced research scientists have always sought after. 

The government is giving a lot of attention to research and development so taking up a job in this line will be a rewarding one. The sectors are Defence, Agriculture, Fisheries, Genetics, and Biotechnology sector. You can also help build a nation through your innovations and discoveries. 

The private sector also hires research scientists in areas like Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing and Technology, etc!

Salary Range: Average salary is around 9 lakhs per month for extraordinary intelligent talents.

Qualifications Required: You need to pursue B.Sc, M.Sc and take up research jobs.

13. Journalism & Mass Communication Professionals

Make a change to society!

Journalists and media professionals influence society in a significant way. The search is for skilled Journalists.

This is a great talent-demanding job where an individual with an appreciable attitude, the right knowledge, and exceptional skills are valued. Such persons are paid significantly well. But you may also observe struggling people too.

You can make it in this field only if you have skills such as communication skills, confidence, investigative skills, and the quest for knowledge.

 Experience is valued in this sector!

Salary Range: Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 per month

Qualifications Required: To build a career in this sector one mustpursue courses like B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication/PG Journalism and Mass Communication.

14. Company Secretary

These professionals are an important part of the company. The job of a Company secretary is one of the high-paying jobs in the private sector in India.

Company Secretaries in multinational companies administer policies and statutory compliances. They ensure smooth functioning, implementation of the policies. They are also responsible for handling the repercussions of the Board of Directors.

They can offer advice and make management decisions. Exceptional leadership qualities, communication skills, and experience are valued in this career.

There is an emerging demand for Company secretaries in the global scenario.

Therefore, a Company Secretary never misses the list of Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in India.

Salary Range: Rs.30,000 – Rs.1,50,000 per month.

Qualification Required: The minimum requirement is a 12th class degree for the foundation course of Company Secretary.

15. IT Professionals

The demand for IT Professionals is in the rise.

It has attracted many individuals to emerge in India as one of the top IT service providers in the world. In the fast-changing world of technology, versatile IT professionals are paid worthy.

Some of the branches in IT that promise lucrative salaries are – Big data engineers, Cloud engineers, Mobile apps development, Data security, Data architect, Information systems security, etc.

The world of Information Technology revolves around data.

  Salary Range: Rs.7,00,000 – Rs. 50,00,000

Qualification Required: All you need is an engineering degree from a prominently recognized institute with a good recruitment campus. 

Which one of these Highest Paying Jobs in India do you like most?

The list seems to be never-ending. All the above-mentioned highest-paying jobs are evaluated based on both salary and job profile. 

Reward your life by getting into one of these high paying jobs in India.

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