25 Career Options After B.Com

Completed your higher secondary and looking for a suitable course?

Or are you already in the final year or final semester of graduation and yet confused about your future career?

Have no idea about why you should choose B.Com over all the other courses?

Or is it that you have already taken up this course but now you have no clue as to how it can shape your professional life?

Well, all your queries can be answered within a few minutes of reading through this article. Here you will find a list of 25 different career options that shows up as soon as you get a graduation degree in B.Com and if any one of them fits well with your abilities, interests as well as dream career then go ahead and yes, well just go for it!

With the aim of transforming students into potential professionals, several universities and institutions have introduced many value-added undergraduate courses with interdisciplinary subjects. However, the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) course tops the list with a maximum number of students passing out each year from multiple renowned institutions across the nation.

Let’s have a look at where do these pass out students seek employment and which professions top the list. Also, you can decide now as to where you see yourself and where you wish to direct all your efforts.

1. Entrepreneur / Businessman:

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a new line of business or businesses taking up financial risks in the hope of profits. In other words, an entrepreneur is an individual who is the pioneer of the individuals working under him/her and is responsible for coming up with new ideas and strategies for the benefit of the organization as a whole. You can be called an entrepreneur if you engage in any scalable startup, small business and it shall proceed towards the creation of an entire organization. An entrepreneur can earn starting from Rs.2 lakhs per annum to a whopping amount of Rs.20 lakhs per annum.

A businessman is not the same as an entrepreneur. A businessman is a person who works in commerce, especially at the executive level. It is not important for this person to come up with a new or innovative business line and it just takes an already running business line to be started at a new location by any individual to be called a businessman. The business has a wide mouth and it is suggested that one can definitely earn as much as an entrepreneur even being a businessman.

2. Chartered Accountant:

A chartered accountant is an individual who is a member of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ). The individuals registered and recognized by the institute are entitled to great benefits and one of them is that they get to add CA to their names. After B.com you can register yourself with any CA foundation course and take up the intermediate course. This can even be pursued right after the higher secondary i.e. 10+2 qualification. To get registered as a CA one has to pass three different stages. The first is the CPT ( Common Proficiency Test ) clearing which will enable one to proceed to the next level which is the IPCC ( Integrated Professional CompetenceCourse ).

Very few of the total candidates clear this stage and reach the next test which is the CA final and if you manage to crack this one up then a minimum income of Rs.7-8 lakh per annum is guaranteed. However, there are only 10 attempts allowed per person to clear these stages, and therefore sheer hard work and determination from the very beginning is a must.

3. Cost Accountant:

A cost accountant comes in close proximity to the Cost Management Accounting (CMA) and hence is regulated under the Costs and Works Accountants Act. The profession demands the individual who holds accurate and in-depth proficiency indirect taxation, audit, and taxation as well as accounting principles. At present, there are more than 85,000 cost accountants offering their services in India and the numbers are likely to increase. This is again a specialized profession hence, the aspirant needs to qualify the three stages of distinct tests governed by the ICWA (Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India).

The task of the cost accountant is to apprehend the company’s total cost of production by validating the variable cost of each step of output processions. Cost management in any organization is definitely a challenging job and the individual who manages to excel in this bag’s home somewhere near Rs.6-10 lakhs annually.

4. Tax Consultant / Advisor:

Now, if you just commenced your business house in any field, you will definitely have no idea as to what the formalities or legalities regarding the taxation policy of certain businesses are. This calls the need for consulting the individual who can not only advice you on the various formalities but also helps you in carrying out the same. So, this certain individual who propels in this domain is known as the tax consultant. They not only enable and benefit the individuals but also the organizations as a whole. The mastery lies in tax planning, tax law, tax compliance as well as managing the tax returns, tax liabilities and so on.

The aspirants willing to become a tax consultant has to hold a qualifying certificate in either commerce, law or any other accounting subjects. Hence, to think of becoming a tax consultant after B.Com is certainly a wonderful idea. This profession can help you earn Rs.75,000-Rs.80,000 per month as long as the tax rates set by you are high enough.

5. H.R. Executive:

A highly thought of and a promising profession it is! Being in the human resource department of any organization is an entity of great responsibility as it not only makes you responsible for the well being of the individuals working under you but the organization as a whole. The HR executive oversees the recruitment process, selection process, the operations and also acts as a bridge between the various divisions of the company. Human resource management has gained recognition and has evolved greatly in the past decade. The individuals working in this department are even eligible to run the whole company as much as promotion is concerned and they can hold the position of future company CEOs.

The communication and interpersonal skills of the individuals matter a lot when it comes to being an HR personal and the person whose performance is effective for the company, earns nearly Rs.4-5 lakhs per year initially.

6. B.P.O. Executive:

The Business Process Outsourcing concept has become the talk of the town in recent years due to the emergence of e-commerce. Now, there are many things involved when it comes to managing the transactions online and this is where the BPO executive comes into effect. The queries, calls, emails, technical support, and other such operations are handled by these executives. They need to be patient, interpersonal, good at communication, and prompt at problem-solving.

They are entitled to a good salary package as much as other jobs’ starting salaries are involved and can earn up to Rs.19,000-Rs.22,000 per month.

7. Financial Consultant:

Financial consultants or advisors advice their clients in managing their finance. We all know that money should not be left idle and if we wish to get better returns for our money the best option is to invest it in the market. However, the most crucial question is “ where to invest?” and this is answered by your financial advisor. They analyze and prepare a report on which investment will benefit their clients and themselves in the long run. It’s all about credibility and risk as well as the judgment of the consultant which brings clients to them.

Working as a financial advisor can be a lot more thrilling and exciting due to the various possibilities involved in dealing with the investments and so on and hence a minimum sum of Rs.2-4 lakhs is fair enough at the initial stage.

8. Stock Broker:

The stockbrokers the trader who takes an active part in the buying and selling of shares on behalf of their clients. They are hired by the brokerage firms and gets registered with them which offers a sense of security to the clients involved with them. The transactions of the individual’s client or client companies are managed by the stockbrokers themselves. If you wish to serve independently then you need to register yourself with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) which is the regulatory body for all stock trades.

The income is generated by the commission rate charged on every investment made by the stockbroker for each client. Nevertheless, they can earn nearly Rs.5-6 lakhs per annum after a few years of practice.

9. Sales Representative:

A sales representative is the individual who sells products or services to firms or consumers by using various creative and effective selling strategies either in the traditional mode or online mode. Everything about the products or services are supposed to be explained by them to their respective customers. Now, it takes a lot of effort to convince an individual to spend his/her hard-earned money and so one need to be extraordinary in carrying out the persuading process.

This is so far the most common and prevalent jobs providing employment to many individuals clearing B.Com. and at the initial stage of one’s career, an income of Rs.1,50,000-Rs.2,00,000 per annum can be expected.

10. Company Secretary:

Company secretary is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) who is responsible for all the administrative and managerial actions. They are the compliance officers of the company. Every company or establishment has to fulfil particular legitimate requirements of that specific business line as per the country’s law enforcement acts. Well yes, correct guess, this is definitely managed by the company secretary along with the business lawyer. They manage the documentations and circulate them amongst the shareholders, auditors and directors at the time of meetings and explanations.

The fine profession of a CS enables one to earn a sum of Rs.6,57,000 and more per annum.

11. Financial Analyst:

Financial analyst is the individual who correlates and describes the relation of various financial statements of the organizations in a given sector and comes up with the report which specifies the companies which are doing well and those which needs to work on a little more. Their judgement reports hold great significance for investors and investment companies. A strong sense of accounting and its various principles enable one to make rational decisions and help in having a strong opinion on the market summaries.

Being a financial analyst is not that easy a job and so an income generation of Rs.2-3 lakhs initially per annum is fair enough.

12. Government Services:

Our country is well known for its incredible democracy. Apart from that if there is one thing which prevails is the rush for government jobs. Now there are many jobs in the government sector and after or alongside B.Com you can opt for any course for UPSC, SSC, IPS, IAS, IFS or any other exams conducted for government services. Whichever be your field of expertise the chance to get a government job is provided equally to all and the pay scale is also higher than the usual other posts or employment sectors. Apart from that, the government jobs offer job security and benefits of various allowances which is a good enough reason to go for.

13. Manager:

Now talking about managers, we all know who they are and what their major task is. Well just to get it clear a manager is an individual who oversees all the activities in the organization and makes sure they are carried out efficiently and effectively. The modern ways of operational units are far more different than the usual ones and so it requires multiple managers for each department to bring overall efficiency. The departments such as human resource, production, sales, marketing, promotions and so on, require different individuals who specialize in any one of these and individual who can manage the operations effectively.

Since every minor detail matters and takes a lot of effort to be managed, a manager is offered a handsome sum of Rs.4-5 lakhs annually at the initial stage, which eventually grows larger with time.

14. Professor / Teacher:

The main task of a professor or a teacher is to enrich and uplift the understanding and knowledge if the students. They have greater responsibility and they carry the weight of providing future personnel to the nation. Hence, it becomes crucial for one to possess the ability to communicate and explain things in a relative and understandable manner. This will be the perfect choice for you if you like interacting and teaching. For this, a B.com degree may not be sufficient and so you may need to have a further qualification. However, the best part about going with a commerce background is that you can master any one of the subjects and choose it for your profession.

A teacher or a professor’s job is more technical and complex than it appears to be and if you choose to be a part of the government institutions then you can easily earn up to 7-10 lakhs annually. In the case of private institutions, the amount may differ by 1-1.5 lakhs yearly at the initial stage.

15. Marketing Manager:

Earlier we assessed the role of managers and one of its subdivision was that of the marketing manager. Now, we all are aware of the marketing concept and also the fact that it occurs to be one of the complex and strategic arenas of the entire management process. A marketing manager manages all the activities related to marketing i.e. launching the product, coming up with advertisement policies, setting the price, reviewing the product, and much more. In short, all the responsibilities related to the marketing policies are managed by the marketing manager.

A marketing head or manager can earn up to Rs.4-6 lakhs per annum at the initial stage of his/her career.

16. Advertising Representative:

The advertising representative is the person who oversees the advertising strategies of any organization with the aim of promoting the products or service in the target market. They manage the person under them and organize the manner of promotion whether visual or written or verbal. Now, to be an advertising representative it is essential for you to be the creative, imaginative and productive along with the ability to be able to convey things suitably.

It is one’s personal choice to work as an advertising representative for an organization but there is also an option of setting up an own advertising agency as the latter will be more profitable. Anyways an advertising representative earns no less than Rs.4 lakhs per annum.

17. Business Lawyer:

Business lawyers are professional individuals who master the study of laws in relation to business activities. There are many aspects to running an organization like regulating the patents, copyrights, product verification and validation, meeting the government’s set of rules and much more. This is all managed by the business lawyer alongside the company secretary in case of massive companies. However, in the case of small enterprises, the first option is always a business lawyer.

A business lawyer gets the benefit of living up with the status of the organization that he/she is associated with and can earn anywhere betweenRs.6-8 lakhs per annum.

18. Banker:

A banker as we all know is the individuals who operate at the banks and assists the various monetary activities of lending and borrowings. This is a specialized field and it won’t be an exaggeration if said that it is one of the largest sectors of our economy. To be employed at the central level banks as bank manager one need to clear the Bank PO exams which are administered by the Banking Personnel Selection. This exam is quite difficult and tricky to crack but with constant studies and understanding, one can definitely clear it in just a year.

A banker in India can earn up to Rs.40,000-Rs.60,000 per month along with some good allowances.

19. Administrative Head:

An administrative head generally refers to the head of any branch or unit of any economic activity. To be more precise the administrative head of a company would be a director and one can strive to become a member of the Board of Director with consistent and good performance at the organization in his/her operations.

This job can enable one to earn as much as Rs.4-7 lakhs per annum.

20. Market Researcher:

A market researcher specializes in the task of knowing the demands and supply in the market for various products and services and evaluating the actual status of the same. The most important task of a market researcher of any organization is to deliver a report on the choices and preference of the customers to the concerned head. They assist the companies in understanding the wants and desires of consumers. The comparison of the products and services and proper administration is a crucial part of this professional activity.

A market researcher in marketing research operations can earn as much as Rs.2-3 lakhs per annum.

21. Insurance Agent / Consultant:

Becoming an insurance agent is quite a hot and happening career option these days and many of them are doing exceptionally well in their dealings. The aspirant willing to become an insurance agent has to clear IRDAI IC 38 pre-recruitment exam which is conducted in both online and offline mode. This is a pretty exciting job and with strong customer base on can earn a huge amount in a very short period of time.

On average, an insurance agent in India can expect to earn somewhere near Rs.3-4 lakhs per year initially.

22. Computer Data Operator:

Computer data operators manage the financial statements of the business house and record them in the computer files. This involves creating different folders and compiling the data into different computer databases. There are various ITI courses available for the students and one can choose the specialized course for computer operations to get certified. It is a very convenient and effective way to obtain an additional skill and hence, even if becoming a data operator is not on one’s mind, it is suggested that one takes up this course.

A computer operator can earn as much as Rs.2-4 lakhs per annum initially.

23. Events Organizer:

There are several events occurring these days and they are managed and organized in ways which amaze the visitors. Thatis all the creation and vision of the event organizer. To become an event organizer a B.com degree is more than enough and one may not need to go for higher studies. All one needs is a team of a few members for managing various activities and a few years of experience will serveyou well for your own agency.

On average, the income generated by an event organizer amounts to Rs.4-6 lakhs per annum.

24. Production Head:

Production head is the operational head of any organization who is responsible for overseeing the production process and ensuring optimization and efficiency in the tasks accomplished. The most important task is to prepare the reports on the various activities taking place and reporting them to the varied departmental heads. Each task such as storage management, warehousing, per day output and much more is overseen by the production supervisor or head.

A production head can earn as much as Rs.50,000-Rs.60,000 per month.

25. Customer Consultant:

Every organization, big or small, has a department for management of the customer grievances or feedback. A customer consultant is an inseparable part of any organization as wherever people are concerned, occasional dilemmas are bound to occur. To avoid customer turnover it is essential for a consumer consultant to be patient and understanding as well as quick in solving problems. The consultant may contact the customersin any way i.e. calls, emails, messages, or even on social media pages and answer the queries or find a solution to any of the problems faced by the customers.

For putting up with different moods of the customers each day a customer consultant is paid around Rs.4-7 lakhs annually.

All of these professions are highly thought of and pays off really well in the long run. The few minutes of your read till here must have brought a turmoil of thoughts in your mind and definitely, there must have been a job title which suited yourself.

If so, then it is essential for you to know that the summarized rendition of these job profiles is not enough and that you need to put in more research and effort to accomplish your dream career.

Commerce is an inevitable part of our lives and it will not be wrong to say that the future of the individuals in its activities is never going to tire. Also, the prevalence of e-commerce and online business activities have made the future of this sector all the more relevant.

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