How to Start Web Designing and Development Business| Career Guide

In this guide, We will tell you how to set up a web designing business easily and properly.

Note: Please read this article step-by-step to make your business profitable.

So, a web designer or a web developer? These two are different things, But it is possible that you can be both. As both the designer and developer, this at least gives you an advantage among competitors because you have expanded what you can offer. Not only you can design, but you can also do the programming and vice versa. This will also allow you to set your price range a bit higher since you’re offering the best of both worlds.

Why Web Designing and Development Business?

1. Every Business want their Online Presence

With everything seemed to be going online, it is understandable that a lot of brands and companies want to make their presence felt on the internet. No one can blame the consumers if they prefer convenience and efficiency that the world of the internet brings. Sure consumers can still avail of products and services outside the world wide web, but various brands and companies have also brought their products and services online as this helps them expand their businesses.

2. Opportunity for Individuals

Since the internet and technology have always been evolving especially in the past decade, it has given a lot of opportunities for different companies to promote and expand their products or services. Not only this has been beneficial for these companies, but it has also opened an opportunity for individuals who want to generate income especially if they are confined within their homes.

3. Changing Preferences

In the past, web designing and development has been limited to IT experts who have thorough knowledge and training on what goes behind in making a website. And for the past several years, web hosts have welcomed and allowed those who have at least basic knowledge in programming to design and develop a website. Since then, it has become a bit easier for anyone with the skill and knowledge to become a web designer and developer.

Especially today, since there’s a lot of businesses opening and expanding, a lot of them have hired web developers to set them up a website. With people spending too much time on the internet, it makes sense that companies and brands take advantage of this detail to promote their product or service. So, if you are equipped with the skills to do web designing and development, then this a perfect opportunity to start up your business and offer your services. With its continuous demand in the market, this makes it a lucrative and profitable business for you.

What is web designing and development?

Web design is about the concept and appearance of the whole website. As a web designer, you take care of the website’s appearance, layout, and design. In some cases, you also take charge of the content. You need to make sure that the aesthetic of the website suits the branding or the identity of the company or your client. Apart from the aesthetic, a good website should be easy to use and to navigate. Nothing frustrates more a customer when a website is messy or confusing.

Enter web development. This goes hand-in-hand with web designing. As a web developer, you then take the website design and put it up on the web. So with the use of coding languages, you bring the website design to life and make it functional. Other coding languages also allow the programmer to make some elements more personalized and even interactive.

Things to keep in Mind before Starting Web Designing Business

Before you start and announce to the world wide web about your business, here are some few things to keep in mind.

  • Apart from the technical skills, brush up on your designing skills too. As a web designer, you need to have an eye for colour, design, and layout as these are essentials when starting a website.
  • While you can make use of web hosts to start a website, knowing different coding languages will give you an advantage. Don’t limit yourself to just one and explore other coding languages like CSS, Ruby, or Python.
  • While this may sound repetitive, it’s also important to identify your niche. Because web designing and development has been a lucrative business, its demand has been high. So, it’s important to stand out among the competitors so that you’re able to secure some clients. Offer some things that you think will make a potential client pick you.
  • Build your portfolio. This will at least give you more credibility and you’ll have something to present to potential clients.

Just like any career or job, you’ll have to start fresh. Sure you may have your bachelor’s degree in a computer field or some certification from a special course or training of web designing and development, but just like everybody else, you will have to begin from zero. This will be extra challenging especially if you are going to be working on your own or as a freelance.

Things You Need to Do First

Before you dive into starting your web designing and development business, here are some of the things you need to do first:

  • Create a workspace or your home office that is conducive to your work. Establish boundaries wherein you will be away from any type of distractions. Like any other individuals starting up a web designing and development business, it’s important to designate the limitations between work and leisure.
  • Of course, you will need your hardware. As this will be one of the main components in your business, your hardware must be fully functional and efficient. Make sure that your computer will be up for numerous tasks as you work on projects after projects.
  • Once you have your hardware up and running, another important component is the software. This is important for web designing as this will be your tool to create photos, graphics, and videos you’ll use on the website. If you’re someone who’s been doing graphics before venturing into this business, you already know what software to use and invest in. But if you’re relatively new, you may want to get some free trial to check what will be the best software program to use.
  • You should also have a stable internet connection. Make sure that your connection will be able to handle the load of the project. You may want to get server space to test your website or to host your website.

After you have created a suitable working environment for your business, there are still some points you need to adopt which will help you start your web designing and development business.

How do you start in this venture?

1. Identify Your Niche

1. As mentioned earlier, identify your niche. Apart from the purpose of standing out among your potential competitors, you will need to know your niche so that it will be easy to identify your target market. While this may sound limiting, this can help you gain loyal clients. It builds this connection or relationship which will be advantageous in your part because you’ll become sort of a part of the company or an extension of your client.

If you are not specific with your target market, it will be a bit difficult to market your business as this will require you to change your objective and proposition depending on the client. And it will be easier for you to promote your service to just one target market.

2. Establish Your Brand

Next is to establish your brand. Once you have your niche, next is to build a brand that you can associate with your objective or a proposition you want to give to your potential clients. Part of establishing a brand is deciding what you can offer to your clients. This is more than just creating a design or developing an existing web concept. Decide on whether you want to create a website from scratch for new businesses, or help develop an e-commerce website or something like a maintenance service, or even repurpose an existing website.

3. Set Your Pricing

Web designing and development is such a profitable business and has been one of the go-to platforms when it comes to earning money online. But setting a price may be tricky especially if you’re just starting. You may opt to charge per project or an hourly basis which usually depends on the agreement with the client. As you set your price, include in the costs copywriting, licenses, and other fees.

Set a range for your service which your client can agree to. Be transparent with your expenses especially what will be included as you work on the project given to you. This will also help your client set a budget and will avoid any excess costs. However, if any costs that will exceed what was agreed on, it must be communicated with the client. If you must, you can create an agreement or contract with the client that stipulates the scope of your service, your price range, your payment method, and even payment deadlines. This will save you from any future disagreement or misunderstanding.

4. Get Your Clients

As you find your target market, it is time to get those clients. Because of the ever-evolving internet, the demand for web designing and development has always been high. But that doesn’t make it easy for anyone who is starting. But once you have built your portfolio, established your brand, identify your market, etc. you may want to start promoting your business through family, friends, or even social media. Gain some little work experience or feedback from clients you know or within your network.

Take advantage of the presence of social media. Since almost all people are online and have at least one social media account, it’s a great opportunity to promote your service. Social media is also a great way to get potential clients. Especially companies who are just starting a business and looking for someone to help build them an online presence.

5. Your Own Business Website

As you buildup your web designing and development business, and you now have the essentials to begin this job, it’s time to show the internet what you can offer to potential clients. So, how should your website look?

  • Align the aesthetic and concept of your website to your niche and brand. While you can get carried away with adding elements to make your website stand out, it’s better to keep it clean and simple.
  • Add in some graphics, photos, or videos. And make sure that they are of high quality. Usually, these elements take up most of the content of a website. Also, see to it that the photos or videos you used are aligned with your branding.
  • Ensure that your site is adaptable in any device as viewers of your site may visit either through a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Since you want to promote your business through your website, make sure that get your point across clearly to your visitors. Especially these visitors could be potential clients, you might want to validate your credentials by giving them a fantastic user experience.
  • Make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your website. Since you are selling your service, let your website show how efficient and excellent you are at your job. It’s a place where you can showcase your other works.
  • As excited you can get to start this web designing and development business, you need to be careful in what you design and develop into the website of a client. Of course, the client’s target is to gain customers for their product or service. And as their web designer and developer, it’s your job to help them promote their business.
  • Avoid too many words on the website. Not everyone has the patience to read a long text especially since a lot don’t have that much time. Also, avoid long paragraphs. Break these sentences and paragraphs to become more readable or easy to skim. Most visitors want a straight-to-the-point explanation or description.
  • It can get annoying for a visitor when there a lot of elements on a website. Elements like plugins, extensions, and even embedded videos can slow down a website. Not to mention those videos that are on auto-play can also affect user experience as they tend to be a little obnoxious. Limit these elements and do not add anything more unless it’s needed to get a point across.
  • Remember that different users have different bandwidth usage. As the web developer, you may do minification so that you can reduce the loading time and bandwidth usage of the visitors to the website. This improves speed and accessibility giving an excellent user experience.


At this point, you have it all put together to what could be a successful web designing and development business. You have your website with your brand and portfolio to promote your business. You also have other services you can offer to further expand your business and which can be helpful or beneficial for other clients. Now it will be up to you how to make it profitable.

Once you have established everything, you just need time, patience, and determination to succeed in this endeavour. There’s no need to rush to expand your business as you can set your own pace. It will be a struggle from the start, but it will all be worth it in the end especially once you have created a network and gained loyal clients. Best of Luck 🙂

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