How can I start a business with Amazon India?

Amazon is a renowned brand worldwide. This leading brand has established itself as the most reliable brand in India too. Starting a business with Amazon India is a great step for you. 

Amazon has empowered many Indian MSMEs. India holds the second place marketplace for Amazon. Their monthly active users have grown to 35%. As a result, improved orders and sales. Cities like Tier 3 and Tier 2 have played a pivotal part in this growth. 

There are two innovative ways to establish a business with Amazon. They are:-

1. Amazon India

Now everybody loves going digital. People all across the globe are selling and purchasing online. It has got its own perks. The business owner gets the ability to sell his/ her products in their comfort. This will improve visibility and increase sales.  

As per the sources, Amazon India will contribute 20% of the total growth of Amazon. This means you can achieve a better growth curve with profits. 

Amazon India connects retailers and brands to connect with consumers. They have sorted products into various categories. You can purchase or sell anything from Amazon India, i.e from stuffed toys to iPhones. 

2. Amazon Easy Store

Amazon Easy Store business is a new initiative introduced by Amazon. For this, they have tied allies with many Amazon network partners. Amazon has got a brief history of success online. But now, they want to reach the underserved traditional audiences. 

  1. They want to target their potential clients residing in remote areas. 
  1. There are still many Indians who refrain themselves from using digital payments. Amazon plans to reach such crowds with its Amazon easy store Franchise. 
  1. There are places wherein there is no/ less internet network.
  2. We are a diverse nation. Hence, we have a population speaking diverse languages. Every 40 km you cross, you will come across a new language in India. Amazon wants to target such a population. Not everyone in India is adept in officially known languages. And it is tough for Amazon to provide support to such people.

Keeping these cases, they have introduced the Amazon easy store franchise. Currently, they are planning to open Amazon easy store franchise in the following locations:-

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Gujarat
  • West Bengal
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telangana
  • Punjab

Why should you run an Amazon Easy Store business/ Amazon India?

You make any decision based on objective assessment and solid rational facts. Let’s zoom in further to know why you should give thought to starting an Amazon Easy Store business/ Amazon India:-

Reach new customers

Amazon is great at advertising. Every Indian home is allied to television platforms. Hence, most people would be aware of this brand name. 

For instance, nowadays many news channels and newspapers are talking about Amazon’s Great Indian Sale. Hence, they would be aware of this premium brand. Some cannot take advantage of it because of the reasons mentioned above. An Amazon franchise can reach such new customers.

Boost sales

Amazon India gets around 150,000 minimum orders every day. If we calibrate this, it is one order for each second seller. Not bad, right? If the seller has high-quality products he can slay the best sales. 

Low entry barrier

Anybody can own an Amazon easy store franchise or become a seller on Amazon India. You need to hold an active bank account where you will receive your commissions, incentives, pay-out, etc. You also may require some documents to register yourself with Amazon. 

Low competition 

Even though there are many competitors like Flipkart and Instamart, Amazon still holds its nascent stage of success. Hence, you can have plenty of room to grow your business. 

Why are People insisting to start an Amazon Easy Store business along with Amazon India?

Most small shop owners are taking steps ahead to start the Amazon Easy Store franchise nowadays. 

Kirana store owners depend upon their day-to-day sales. They can make their business more resilient, competitive, and profitable. How? Well, they would be displaying Amazon’s promotional materials in their store. People will reach and purchase from their store because of this brand name. 

Apart from this, they get incentives, additional margins, and commissions for their sales. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to invest in Amazon’s easy store franchise?

Yes, it is good to invest in Amazon’s easy store franchise. But, analyze and check essential factors.  For instance, you need to check the demands of customers. You have to evaluate the market saturation proficiently. An Amazon easy partner will give you complete training on this and other elements. 

You will get a built-in customer base with Amazon. This will give you fruitful profits. 

How to sell on Amazon India?

It is quick and easy to sell your products on Amazon India. Firstly, you need to list the products that you wish to sell. The customers will choose and make their purchases once you list your products. 

You will get a notification. You have to give confirmation for the shipment or can seek the help of Amazon to fulfill the order via Easy ship or FBA. Amazon will credit your money into your account. Please note they will deduct their fees. 

I have no experience in the business.  Will Amazon allow me to function the Amazon easy store franchise?

A person who has packaging delivery experience can easily manage Amazon’s easy store franchise. But that does not denote that any person without experience cannot run this business.

Yes, Amazon is giving space to non-experienced people. They must possess qualities like entrepreneurial drive. They need to put in strategies, work hard, and be tenacious. 

Apart from this, they should be resourceful to identify solutions to obstacles and challenges. 

What can I sell on Amazon India?

You can sell the categories of the following products on Amazon India:-

  • Batteries
  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Groceries
  • Jewelry
  • Kitchen items like plates, spoons, etc.
  • Accessories
  • Office
  • Stationary, and much more. 

Will a customer get to know the supplier’s detail when they purchase the order?

Yes, Amazon believes in complete transparency. Your name or brand’s name will be displayed. 

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