How to Earn Money with Vindale Research?

UPDATE: Vindale is now closed. As of November 1, 2021, Vindale has ceased operations. You are no longer able to earn or redeem rewards. Registration is also now closed. Want to keep earning? Discover even more rewards with our partner, Opinion Outpost.

Vindale Research will pay you $50 for each survey you complete!

Is this the case?

It doesn’t appear that Vindale could afford to pay members $50 to complete a single survey unless each one takes two or three hours to finish. That’s why I decided to join Vindale Research and find out for myself.

Let’s take a closer look at how much money you can make working with Vindale Research and whether it’s a legitimate paid survey site or a scam.

What is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is a market research panel that operates online. It was founded in 2005 and comprises members from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. According to their website, they’ve paid out nearly $8 million to their subscribers and provided information to Disney, Amazon, and Netflix.

Users are asked to perform online surveys and, on occasion, participate in product testing to provide information to partner companies. It’s completely free to join, and there are numerous ways for members to earn money by taking surveys and completing other chores.

Is Vindale Research Legit?

Vindale Research is a legitimate market research firm that compensates users in cash. They have a Trustpilot rating of four out of five stars and are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (listed on the site under parent company Dynata LLC).

The company’s A- BBB rating is mostly due to 42 complaints filed against it, all of which appear to have been resolved. The overwhelming prior information requested to do a survey and then not qualifying, as well as surveys closing soon or while the user is taking them, are the most common customer complaints.

Overall, people are pleased with Vindale Research’s payment timeliness, earning opportunities, security and privacy protection of personal information, and customer support.

How Does It Work?

Vindale Research collects data from people like you and me for companies and brands. This information assists firms in improving their product or service offerings and gaining insight into what may or may not thrive on the market.

Vindale surveys can cover a wide range of topics, including finances, health, personal purchasing habits, and much more. If you sign up for Vindale Research and are approved to participate in Vindale research, you may help firms learn more about their customers while also earning money.

Join Vindale Research

To give it a try, Vindale Research offers a $1 signup bonus. You can register using either your email address or your Facebook account.

Fill Out Your Profile

When you initially sign up for Vindale Research, you’ll need to fill up your profile with basic demographic information. You must respond truthfully and consistently throughout the platform.

Vindale will ask you to validate some of your demographics during a screening test every time you start a new survey. You will not be able to participate in any studies if your answers differ from your profile. If Vindale believes you are lying in your survey responses, you could be kicked out of the programme completely.

Vindale Surveys

After you’ve completed your profile, you’ll be able to begin taking surveys. I was eager to see if any of the surveys paid $50 as the firm claims as soon as I arrived at this screen. Unfortunately, all I found was a list of surveys paying between $.40 and $2.00.


Vindale Research is no exception. Getting paid is one of the most appealing aspects of any paid survey site. There are several accounts of satisfied customers receiving cash, but there will always be people who believe the organisation is a fake.

With over 4,000 customer ratings, Trustpilot has received a 4 out of 5-star rating. It’s reasonable that some people are unwilling to put in the effort required to earn money on the site or to wait for payment.

Method of Payment

Vindale currently exclusively pays members via PayPal. After you’ve reached the $50 minimum level, you can request payment. If you can land several excellent high-paying surveys, getting to $50 shouldn’t be a problem. If you only qualify for $1 to $2 surveys, though, it may take a long time to get there.

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