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How to Earn Money Online with UserTesting?

UserTesting, which was founded in 2007, is a human insight platform that allows businesses a behind-the-scenes look into how their target audience interacts with their product.

Facebook, Wayfair, Ford, Alaska Airlines, Adobe, Walmart, and other major brands have utilized this platform to learn more about how to enhance their products, messages, and apps.

It’s comparable to a focus group, but it’s conducted entirely online and is usually unmoderated. This usually implies there isn’t a real person to ask questions to, there isn’t a group setting, and the eligible participant must follow the brand’s on-screen instructions.

Companies can use UserTesting to locate testers for their new site, product, and user experience. Companies who want to use UserTesting’s tools can choose between individual or enterprise plans.

After the company has received enough data and input through UserTesting, they should be able to further develop their product.

What Does It Mean to Be a Member?

  • To discover what tests are available, go to your account dashboard.
  • There will be screener questions on each accessible test to see if you qualify for it.
  • Once you’ve been qualified, you’ll begin recording your voice and screen to follow the brand’s directions.
  • Upload the video of your finished test.
  • After 7 days, your earnings will display in PayPal.

What Does UserTesting Pay You?

The majority of tests pay $10 if you pass them.

You can earn $10 on average per 20 minutes, which is the average length of each test. You can sometimes finish a test in 5-10 minutes and still get paid $10. It is entirely dependent on the brand and what you are asked to do on-screen.

Live Tests are longer tests with a moderator present and depending on the length of time, you can earn $30 or $60.

What Does it Take to Become a UserTesting Tester?

If you love providing feedback on a website or product, can consistently speak your opinions while you follow instructions, and sincerely want to help a brand develop by providing honest input, then you’re a good candidate for a tester.

To become a UserTesting tester, you must complete their practice test, which is free.

  • Sign up for UserTesting with your email address.
  • To verify your account, open the email and click the verification link.
  • Watch the short video(s) below to learn more about UserTesting and what to expect.
  • UserTesting software can be downloaded here (a browser extension that records your voice and screen)
  • Take a practice exam.
  • You should know if you passed or failed the practice test within 48 hours.

Make sure your microphone is working (you’ll be prompted to do so), then find a quiet spot to take the practice test and any future tests!

Close any other browser tabs you might have open as well. To avoid being distracted, I want to have my screen displaying simply the UserTesting test. They do not need to know about my Amazon purchases, Facebook chats, or work details!

What is the UserTesting Practice Test and How does it Work?

Lindsay and I both took the identical to the practice test, so I’m guessing it’s the same for the vast majority of folks interested in joining.

You’ll be taken to the Air & Space Museum’s website, where you’ll find instructions for using the screen recorder widget. The premise is that you’re arranging a visit to this museum, and they’re curious about how you use the site to discover specific information to aid in your planning. You’ll be asked why you went to certain portions of the site and if you can locate what you’re looking for.

It’s critical to talk about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and to point out anything that’s confusing or doesn’t make sense as you take the practice exam and navigate the web.

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