How to Write Reviews and Get Paid on SoftwareJudge?

You just share your critical appraisal of a product or service as a review writer.

Your feedback can aid developers and others in making better decisions about developing new products or improving existing ones.

The good news is that some businesses will compensate you for your reviews. Brands may use these companies to gather feedback from specific users.

These firms will pay you to write reviews on your terms if you sign up with them.

The softwareJudge platform compensates you for sharing your thoughts about software that you’ve come to rely on or with which you’ve had a bad experience.

How Does SoftwareJudge Work?

SoftwareJudge is accepting contributions for any of the software on their list. You can create an account with your own username and password before submitting a review.

Many members of the site have published there, and new reviews are added regularly.

Home, Education, Web Authoring, Business, and Finance are among the topics covered. You choose the software you’ve used, write a review, and send it in. The review will be examined by their team. You’ll be compensated if it’s published.

You should only submit one review at a time. Even if you’ve previously had reviews accepted, don’t submit more than three every day.

How Much Money Can You Make if You Work for SoftwareJudge?

You may earn anything from $1 to $50 for every review on Softwarejudge. If you had only two high-paying reviews with them per month, you might potentially earn an extra $100.

However, because you must choose software from their list, you cannot submit an unlimited amount of reviews.

For them to pay the maximum of $50, your evaluation must be excellent. So, if you’re simply lukewarm about a package, skip it and pick something else from their list that you’ll feel strongly about after utilizing.

You can request a cash withdrawal once your evaluations have earned you $200. This will be sent using Western Union, which means you’ll receive cash in 15 minutes.

If you only have $20 in your account, though, you can request ebooks and other products as rewards. You can also choose from a variety of games and apps. Simply tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll send it to you. You must be able to download any material you request.

Other benefits are available to top publishers on this platform. REG keys are available for free. Top reviewers also get free games, so it’s a good idea to figure out what they prefer and aim for the greatest income.

Rules to Follow when Writing on SoftwareJudge

First and foremost, only submit unique reviews that you wrote yourself. You will not be compensated if they discover that there is a sentence that is not yours.

Second, no more than three reviews should be submitted in a single day. Better submit one review and wait to see whether it is accepted.

However, to get published, you must be exceptional. It’s fine if you make mistakes, but someone who just took two years of English in high school or college isn’t qualified for this position.

Do not write only positive reviews or do not try to review software that you have never used.

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