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SEO: Career in Search Engine Optimization | Course, salary, Scope

Do you know how Google gets you the best results out of millions of web pages according to your query?

It is the SEO technique that comes into play in providing the best websites that solve your query in the best way possible. Whenever you search something on the internet or Google, the system takes into consideration the main keywords of your search and matches it with billions of websites on the internet. The most similar blogs matching to your searched keywords are then displayed as results to you.

Today as we are all aware of the enormous expansion of the internet, everything is online. All business and companies sell their products and services online. Even if brands have a good physical presence in the market, they tend to attract customers online too.

Moreover, the advertising technique has also changed over time. Companies now have moved to advertise their products online. The ads that were on television have reached our mobile screens.

The demand for SEO experts has increased because everyone wants a professional who can highlight keywords to draw traffic to the blogs according to the website content. 

Let’s explore how one can start a career in SEO and why it is the right career choice in India.

Why SEO is a good career option in India?

SEO is the process by which Google ranks every website and blog based on its content. 

There are a number of reasons why one should take SEO as a career.

1. There is a huge demand for SEO experts 

First, there is a huge demand for SEO professional worldwide and even in India. All the websites and companies want their web pages to be top-ranked by Google. If a website is top-ranked in Google, it gets high traffic. And to make this happen, they need SEO professionals. Nowadays, SEO as a career is more popular in India than Digital marketing.

2.  SEO is the popular career choice 

As SEO is quite a popular choice these days, one can earn good money. After enhancing skills in SEO, an individual can be hired in the Digital Marketing companies and corporate firms. They need experts to help their websites get as much traffic possible on Google. If you are an expert in this field and have some experience, you can earn good pay.

3. People earn well as a SEO professional 

Your salary depends on your skills and talent. In order to get a high package, you must be good in SEO knowledge. You also should have good communication skill and creativity to excel in this sector. One has to work consistently under pressure so you should be ready to handle the pressure. You should also have the ability to complete tasks in short deadlines.

4. You get great Job scope as SEO expert 

There are numerous job opportunities for an SEO expert. You can either apply through different websites like Naukri or Indeed. Also, you can apply offline with companies that publish their vacancy for SEO professionals. There may be a face to face interview to get selected for the job. In case of applying online through job portals, you first require to register yourself on the website. These websites are mostly free to register. Then you can make your resume where you can list down your skills and past work experience if any. According to your qualifications and skills, you will be then recommended various SEO jobs. You can apply to them as per your choice.

5. You can work as a SEO Freelancer 

A career as an SEO expert allows you to work from anywhere. You can choose to work remotely, or one can also work as a freelancer. There are sites that offer a platform to freelancing work in various fields, including SEO. You can explore websites like Upwork, Fiverr, People per Hour, Freelancer and many more. All you need is an excellent resume detailing your skills. One can choose how you can work. Also, you can set your own rate as per your work. Thus you get the freedom to be your own boss while you work and earn from the comforts of your home.

6. Teach SEO courses offline and online

Nowadays, even if people are interested in making a career in SEO, they cannot find good institutes and courses that can give them proper knowledge and training in the field. That is why if you have such talent to teach, then you can also offer online and offline SEO courses. Thus in this way right from your home, you can teach as well as work as an SEO expert.

7. Start your own business

As an SEO expert when you earn good experience, then you can start your own SEO Company to provide services to companies. The most important thing is not to hurry to start your own company. When you are fully confident and have gained the fundamental knowledge of SEO only then you can begin to your agency. You can either provide services to companies who need SEO optimized content, or you can start an institute to train students in the basics of SEO. The choice is yours, and how comfortable you are in this field.

Career in SEO: Certificate courses

Having said about how a career in SEO can be beneficial to you, now let’s get down to SEO courses and certifications. 

To land with a good-paying SEO job, one needs to hold some basic knowledge of SEO. Also, before hiring companies require you to have some kind of Diploma of certificate in SEO. To be true, there are no colleges that offer courses in SEO, but there are popular renowned institutes that offer offline courses. Also, one can enrol in online courses. Online training programs have become a popular choice among working professionals. The online SEO courses are both paid and free.

 Let’s see some of them.

SEO Training Course by Moz

 This is an online course by moz.com. It has been in top popular basic SEO courses online for a long time. You can learn tips and tricks of SEO.

  • The course has 5 lectures of 51 mins.
  • It is available free.
  • One gets a certificate in SEO after successfully completing the course.
  • It is a basic beginner course in SEO.
  • You can access the course online through your mobile and laptop.

SEO course by ClickMinded

  • The course fee is around $487.
  • The course includes over 66 lectures with 5 hours of training in SEO basics.
  • This particular course has earned excellent reviews by people.
  • Almost around 2,806 have enrolled in this course by now.
  • There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course.
  • You can access the course from your mobile, tab or laptop.
  • Certificate of course in SEO is awarded to the students who successfully complete the course.
  • Instructor: Tommy Griffith, SEO at Airbnb


  • They have different course packages according to the training provided.
  • The course fee starts at $89 and goes up to $675.
  • It gives access to a 185 page training manual about SEO tools and services.
  • You get a certificate on completion.
  • In case of any doubt during the course, you get the facility of unlimited “Ask the Instructor” option. You can clear all doubts to direct from the instructor.
  • Quarterly training updates are revised.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing Certificate Programs Online by University of San Francisco

  • The course fee is $1,980 for 1 course package.
  • You get the opportunity to learn from the experts at the University of San Francisco.
  • The course includes 8 topics which are delivered over 6 lectures during the course time.
  • The course also requires you to sit for Google AdWords certification exam.
  • You get a certificate in SEO training from the university at the end of the course.

SEO Certification by the Online Marketing Institute

  • The course fee is $67/month or $859 for the entire course.
  • You are given 6 months to complete your certification after enrollment in the course.
  • The course includes 5-11 classes. Each class is for a duration of 20-70 minutes.
  • After completion of the course, you can sit for the SEO Certification Exam.
  • You also get a Certificate in SEO.

SEO Strategy Certification by DMA Education

  • The course charges are $1,399 for member and $1,699 for a non-member.
  • The course is for a period of 3 months. 
  • The training lectures are for a total of 20 to 30 mins.
  • Students have 90 days to access the course after the enrollment and fee payment.
  • Instructor: Matt Bailey 
  • He has been teaching since 1998 over 1,000 companies and workshops.

SEO: Google Boost Startup – How I get 1,000 visitors a day by Len Smith

  • The course fee starts at $120.
  • Approximately 3,193 students have enrolled till date in the course.
  • The instructor is Len Smith. He is a Freelance Copywriter and also Communications Consultant. That is why he is very experienced in the SEO field.
  • The course includes 21 lectures, each having 2.5 hours of content on SEO.
  • One can learn to think like Google.
  • Also, you get tips on How to establish a new website.
  • Students are also trained at On/Off-page optimization and Keyword strategy.
  • After the course, students get a Certificate of course completion in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Online Program by the University of California – Irvine Extension

  • The course fee is $695 for each program.
  • The SEO course includes 3 required course and elective subjects.
  • This course is specially designed for small and large businesses.
  • Individuals who work in the field of web design, marketing, website design and IT support can benefit a lot with this course.
  • This program gives the training to get the website in the top ranks by the search engines.
  • One can also request for on-site training.
  • Students get a certificate of course in SEO.

Online SEO Courses in Budget

here are some other online courses for SEO. You can choose any among them.

SEO Job Profile

SEO experts are most sought after, as organizations need optimization and improvement in their websites. SEO experts are employed as a significant aspect of advanced and substance showcasing programs, by web engineers, digital marketing firms, and in numerous different jobs because organizations need web traffic to make websites effective. 

Let’s explore some of the top job profiles for an SEO professional.

1. Search Engine Marketer 

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) are frequently lumped together; however, by and by, they are different. SEM is a lot more extensive and joins SEO. SEM necessitates that you learn new abilities including Pay Per Click showcasing (PPC), publicizing, and some client relationship the executives, as you should work to market to customers just as to web indexes. While numerous SEM experts practice exclusively in paid pursuit, you can branch into SEM and SEO to deal with the two viewpoints. Web search tool Marketers gain an average compensation of $45,255 as per Payscale, or a normal of $2,300 more every year than a standard SEO master. Acing Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, and different web examination is an unquestionable requirement for this position. 

2. Digital marketing 

Moving into computerized advertising is a simple method to use your current SEO experience while expanding your scope of abilities and expanding your compensation. Advanced advertisers regularly handle a wide range of web-based showcasing, including SEO, SEM, PPC, and web-based users experience. This implies that you should have the option to make and execute the promotion, use SEO, work with content creation, development and use online presence as a significant aspect of long traditional methodologies. They also investigate and work with publicizing stages to drive paid traffic. An advanced digital advertiser acquires an average pay of about $46,919 every year, except essential capabilities in web promoting, correspondences, and key showcasing can help your compensation. 

3. Marketing Analyst 

Data investigation is an enormous piece of inquiry advancement, and as an SEO pro, you are likely exceptionally acquainted with it. As an advertising expert, your key duties are utilizing numbers to follow the exhibition of existing activities, distinguish open doors for new ones, and create conjectures and reports dependent on information. Advertising investigators gain a normal of $52,176 every year and can profit by capabilities in the business examination, technique, statistical surveying, and SQL. 

4. Content Marketer

Content promoting is a characteristic advance for SEOs who lean toward working with content instead of connections and numbers. Content advertisers require SEO abilities as they work with the immediate formation of web content, web journals, outreach material, recordings, designs, reports, and other substance. While your particular job will differ contingent upon the organization, most substance showcasing experts fit into an advertising group to follow up on the substance choices in a promoting plan. With an average compensation of $56,414 for newcomers to the field, content showcasing likewise pays primarily higher than SEO all alone. 

5. SEO Manager 

Search engine optimization regularly requires a group of examiners, information chiefs, SEO masters, content specialists, innovation specialists, etc. The bigger an organization, the bigger their SEO group will be, and the more they will profit by an SEO supervisor. Chiefs must comprehend site design improvement, and possibly web index promoting, yet straightforwardly administer a group and advertising techniques as opposed to legitimately working with the commonplace components of information and connection investigation. If you are individuals arranged, this can be more energizing than SEO itself. Web optimization directors win an average salary of $64,358; however, may have an assorted exhibit of obligations relying upon the organization and the size of the group.

Become an SEO expert

As an SEO professional, you get to work in a career with broad scope as it is growing quickly and in huge demand. In the current scenario of COVID-19 where everything is being to the four walls of our home, you can utilize this opportunity to enhance your skill in SEO.

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